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Your books look wonderful and right at home in that shop. I'm excited for you!


kari & kijsa

What a lovely getaway! Just by Hand sounds amazing! Thrilled for you, and your work!

kari & kijsa

sue simpson

just a quick hello. :)

susan minier

Hi Debbie,
Don't get much of a chance to read blogs as often as I'd like but I really enjoyed catching up with you and seeing all the artwork you've posted and how cool your book looks at Just by Hand. Debbie,I would really love to hear how things went at the Creative Palette Show. Please do share your experiences. Hope you do well in the Jekyll Island show. And find the time to take photos and finish setting up your Etsy shop. Just thinking about all your doing makes me feel like I should take a nap!!By the way, the Gallery page on the MMCA website looks awesome! So many wonderful pieces.Have you heard anything from Karine yet about receiving our Santa packages????Really sorry to hear Colby has Lyne's disease. That is absolutely awful. I hope he has someone to help look after him. It's so prevalent here in upstate NY and PA where I lived before too. To be continued.......Sue M

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