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I Like my beau!!!!! Alot!!

Susan Minier

Hi Debbie,

Beach is still my favorite.

Sue Minier


My vote goes to beach too! Nice of you to have this generous giveaway!

Linda G. Jones

Well, I guess I'm not alone!!! Beach is my fave too! I'm glad to see you are participating in the Diary Project 2010!!! Visit my blog too and become a follower, I'm trying to find where I can become a follower of yours too!
Your work is beautiful!
Linda :)


I'll be different and say that my favorite is Monkey See Monkey Do! I love monkeys!

Happy birthday to another Taurus! My birthday is tomorrow...


happy birthday! i gotta say, I love

Deborah Filanowski

I like My Beau, but Beach runs second

sue pieper

Beach is my favorite, and it seems to be everyine's choice! But road trip would be my 2nd choice, love that black & white!
Hope you're still partying on, do it up right & do some serious celebrating:)


sing is my favorite.


i just realized that my email address wasn't linked. it's


Debbie....having just returned from the beach....Beach is my favorite but I also like my beau....great colors and items used in the beach.
happy birthday and mother's day!

Tammy Sprinkle

I love "My Beau". I love everything about it. The colors, the skeleton key, the photograph and the story behind it. How sweet! Thank you for the email.


Okay I think MEN is/are the best - in more ways than one! susi -

Joan Ellis

My fave is Road Trip--reminds me of my peripatetic childhood!


"Road Trip" is my favorite. I love old pictures incorporated into art like this.


Happy Birthday! My favorite is "My Beau". I love the photo and the old letter, the key, the ribbon...everything about it is evocative of some other time or perhaps a wonderful memory.


First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Birthdays are the best. I sure hope yours was wonderful.

As for the art, gosh Debbie, it's hard to pick. I really do love them all.

However, if I really, really had to pick, it would be Fruits and Blossoms. Something about it just hit me.

Tommie Moyers

Hey Debbie,
Sorry to have missed your birthday! Hope it was all you wished for.
You know me, I love them all and for lots of different reasons.
First, I love Sing Me to Sleep. I am loving "singing" Lane to sleep. I know I can't "sing" but, he seems to enjoy it; making it one of the many precious moments we have shared. Being a grandmother is so awesome!
Second, would have to be My Beau. I still have my great-grandmother's key like the one you included and she always kept her's on a blue ribbon. Who can't look back and think of a past beau or that special one that swept us off our feet?
Third would be First Love and I have to include Fruit & Blossoms. So many hours were spent at my grandmother's when she was picking and canning fruit. She had a special pantry just for all of the canned goods. It always looked so pretty even when I was a little girl.
Tell everyone we said hello! Love ya!
P.S. Happy Birthday!


Debbie- My vote is for "Road Trip" When I was a young girl, my family did not travel far from home. As I matured and married, I had the opportunity to visit many wonderful places and was bitten by the travel bug.

Even though I'm older, all my friends have to say is "Road Trip" and I'm ready in a flash, and I like that about me and life!

Please enter me in your give-away. I love your work and would so enjoy the piece you are offering.


Nancy Maxwell James

Hi Debbie
Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Mother's Day! I would love to have my name entered into your drawing. Your piece is just beautiful! :)


Thanks Debbie!! I am so happy to have won. I feel very lucky to be receiving this beautiful print. Thanks a million for your generosity!

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