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I'm glad it's nothing worse than ulcers. Lifestyle changes like the ones you describe are difficult at first, but they can make such a difference in our lives. Keep up the "me time". :)



what a wonderful nest and great sounding trip!

i'm so sorry to hear about your ulcers though! they are horrible -- i had many for years but after trying everything medical and everything natural, they just vanished when i went on a pretty disgusting aloe vera juice and licorice root tea bender for about two months. my naturopath said she wasn't surprised. my doctor said it was a coincidence. :)

anyway, the most important thing i think is definitely the "me time". i think a trip to the bahamas would be a fabulous start!

Nancy VanHoose

So sorry to hear about your dear husband had them for awhile (could it be the job he has in real estate and mortgages?). His doctor prescribed some pretty astonishing antibiotics that were extremely expensive. If I could only remember the name of it. He took them for about two weeks, and suddenly they improved. Now he takes Nexium once a day. Sure hope things improve. I would surely think the Bahamas would be a sure start! Get well. ~Nan


Hope you are enjoying all the sites along the way!

Debrina or Debs

Hello Debbie - I love that little blue egg! To think there is an even more amazing little wonder inside of it. I hope you have a fab road trip (I'm the biggest fan of hopping in the car and driving off to somewhere that could end up being nowhere...but often isn't)!

Cindy forrester

Hi Debbie,

I am so glad I found you on facebook yesterday. I am so sorry you have been having health issues too!!! Pain is not a good place to be. I am having to make some lifestyle changes too, which can be hard. So I am sending you great big thoughts of encouragement and speedy healing.

PS I love your work too!!!


Brenda Wampler

Welcome to being female! I am mother, grand-mother, wife....but who am "I", and what about "me" and "my" needs? I think we should stop for a bit, re-exam our priorities. What makes "ME" happy? Like you, I was brought up a giver, and I realize that is me, and it will never change...but I can work harder to find time for ME, and take care of, head off to that beach, and take some ME time! And maybe a good book or magazine for some inspiration!! Stop and smell the sea air!

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