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Account Deleted

WoooHooo....The Big "5" "0"!!!!! I remember it well...mine was just last year! And don't worry Debbie...Life is not so bad at is rather wonderful!!!!
I'll be celebrating with you all the way!!!


Happy Birthday to you, soon! I love expressing gratitude and have linked you to my blog!


Greetings! I am older than you. That should make your day! LOL I hope you have a very special day and have many more happy and healthy birthdays. Thanks for the invitation to your party! I appreciate it.....Cindi


greetings! thanks for the invitation. it looks like a great party :-)

Angie Terrell

Happy Birthday to you! It was great to receive an e-mail from you. I had lost track of you. I hope you have a wonderful day. Tell everyone hello.

Deena Warner

Hope you have a great time!!
Happy 50th~

Enzie Shahmiri

Happy 50th! How exciting, may your birthday be filled with lots of joy and happiness!


Jan Thomason

I remember my big 5-0 and am so thankful that I am fixin to celebrate my big5-5 - i am so grateful for my health. So very grateful!
and i'm so happy for you and your upcoming celebration!

Enzie Shahmiri

I wrote over at World Market Portraits,
here is the link ~ Enjoy!

Debb George

Happy 50th birthday have a very happy birthday , I 'm grateful to have all my friends from the net as a family . Have a nice day.

Sherry Wescott

Happy 50th Debbie! I'll be there in a couple more years. I'm so grateful I don't feel like what I thought 46 would feel like when I was 13! Have a wonderful day and I'm going to have to try the Peanut Butter Pie recipe out. I have a couple of PB lovers. Check out my son's blog sometime for his PB recipe

Kerri  Norrod.

Happy 50th! I am grateful for my family.


HEY! We have the same Birthday! I'll be starting the party earlier than you though as Im on the other side of the world : ) I will be sure to have a glass of bubbly on your behalf on the 4th here in NZ while you are still living in the 3rd!

Healing Expressions

Happy Happy day to you Debbie!!!! What a wonderful celebration to have arrived at 50! May it be a year of blessings for you! Party on!
Take Good Care


Happy B-Day dear friend! Thanks for the invite!



Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful way to celebrate...with expressions of gratitude! I'll have to think of something creative to do to join in the festivities and express some gratitude on my blog!

Happy Happy 50th! This is a once in a lifetime event! Congratulations!

Have A Happy Day!

kari & kijsa

What a wonderful way to begin the celebration of your next new and exciting fifty!! Happy Birthday for fifty years filled to the brim with family, memories, events, overflowing creativity, and simple kindnesses that made lasting impressions. May your day capture even just a bit of each of these...opening new paths for the future!

kari & kijsa

gaby braun

I love the way you celebrate your birthday. I'll post you something at my blog and link it.
May it be a new your full of many good things.

debra schoch

thanks Debbie I never had a peanut butter pie..will add you to my blog list along with your celebration badge..have a great 5oth .. i loved turning 50..really!!

Miriam Badyrka

Happy Birthday Debbie! With such an open and generous attitude, I know it will be a wonderful year for you!
Here is what I am grateful for:

Becky Way

What a super neat thing to do. You will like being 50. I am thankful for so many things. I'll just name a few. My salvation, My family, My friends, My church, Opportunities that are given and much much more. Have a great day. Love Becky



I got my post up for your birthday blog party and your button!

Take care,

tommie moyers

Happy Birthday Debbie! Great way to celebrate! I have so much to be thankful for so I'll get started. I am so thankful for the many things God has given us, a church that is dedicated to His service, my family, especially our new grandson, Lane, our health, George's return to work, my growing Pampered Chef business, the many soldiers fighting for our freedom and the sacrifices they and their families are making on a daily basis, and most of all, our friendship. Even though it's now long distance, the love and closeness we share will always be there. Oh! I almost forgot. I'm also turning 50 in May!! Have a wonderful birthday!
Love you lots, Tommie


Happy Birthday Debbie, I was 50 almost 2 years ago, one thing about the time flying faster as you grow older, it seems like just yesterday for some years..... Thanks for the Recipe, I must try that Peanut Butter Pie, It looks Yummy ~
Have a great Birthday & Year


Happy B'day!
put your link on my blog!
i will truly remember yours.. so close to my own dd's b'day

Raised In Cotton

To my fellow 1958 girl!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday:) I have decided I am celebrating the whole year!!!! My 50 is Oct 25!!!!!
Cheers Sweet Debbie!!!!

Kelly Parker

Hi Deb,
Happy Birthday!! i have been reading your blog today, love it! i will bookmark it and add you to my artist blogs list on my blog. thanks for thinking of me and sharing your blog address.


karen eileen

I am right behind you Debbie. Just another two years.....whose counting now. I love my age. And just think, when we are in our 70's our 50's will be a time when we had it going on!!

Happy Birhtday and many wonderful more!!

Karen Eileen


Happy birthday Debbie, and I hope you like my post:

K. Markley-Reade


K. Markley-Reade

Elaine Brady Smith

I am just now getting around to writing a post on my blog in honor of your birthday.
I have a give away to anyone who comments. Link to:
May you have the best birthday ever!!! My heart is with you as you celebrate!!!

Amber Dawn

Thank you for the prompt Debbie!

Amber Dawn

Thank you for the prompt Debbie!

Amber Dawn


Hope your special 50th is glorious! Happy Birthday! Sincerely, Jann


Well, here's my little paragraph for "Expressions of Gratitude"--thank you, Debbie, for helping me to stop and think about that today! (5 days and counting--to cake and ice cream!) ~Jann (link to my post: A Vintage Heart: Expressions of Gratitude)


Let me try that again--

~*Amber Dawn*~



Amber Dawn

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